Lithgow Valley Science Hub

STEAMworks has created the Lithgow Valley Regional Science Hub and will deliver a program of hands-on activities. 

Using funding awarded through the Australian Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recovery (BSBR) Grants and Inspiring Australia, STEAMworks is bringing together a diverse group of community event producers and science educators to create a series of events tailored to our communities’ needs, and to inspire excitement in local science. This Science Hub will be the focal point for local STEAM community groups and businesses to grow, network and collaborate, through STEAM events and workshops that build educational and economic capacity and resilience in the Lithgow community. 

The hub will address the needs of the entire region, including the Lithgow Valley villages which have been under-served by previous recovery efforts, through promoting local producers and fostering networks between villages and to the Lithgow township. The Hub will empower local youth to be job-ready for careers in growing fields in health, technology, science, art and cultural enterprises and tourism.